Frequently asked questions

How long is your turn around time? My maximum turn around time is 6 weeks but my average is 4 weeks

What time do you start on a wedding day? I generally start 3 h0urs before your ceremony

Do you work alone? I do work alone and I have done for a while now, it works perfectly for me

Do you work with videographers? Of course I know a lot of them and I always love meeting new people

Are you insured? Absolutely, I have PL Insurance of up to 5 Million 

Do you need feeding? I'll never turn down free food but I never expect you to arrange anything, although it would be kindly received if you do

How many images can I expect? You will receive a minimum of 500 images but I can't tell you exactly what you'll receive

When do we receive our book? Once you have received your photography, I will ask you to send me 90 images you'd like in your book. From here you can expect to wait up to 5 week as they take a while to ship, print and design. 

What if it rains on our wedding day? No problem, I have lighting which means your group photography can be done inside and we can always get creative for your couple shots inside too, but if your up for going outside under an umbrella then i'll embrace the rain! You can get some awesome photos this way.

Do you travel? I do travel for weddings. If your wedding is abroad or further afield in the uk it's not usually an issue

What is a booking fee? To book I require a booking fee. if you decide you'd like to book me and you already know the date is free, fill out the booking form and I'll request the booking fee. This secures your booking which means the date is all yours!

How much is the booking fee? The booking fee is £200

When is the final balance due? This will need to be paid 6 weeks before your wedding day

Can we have a meeting? If we haven't already met then id love to meet you before you decide on anything. We can meet in person or have a zoom meeting if this is easier for you. It's important to me that we are a match, that way we can have fun working together. 

How do we know if out date is free? Please submit your email, telephone number and date of your wedding on the contact form. From here i'll be able to tell you if your date is free

How do we book? Once you know your date is free please fill out the booking form