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so here it is, my first time ever writing a blog. Honestly, it seems like this is the perfect time to start a blog for a wedding photographer anyway, giving the state our whole world seems to be in right now.

So what do I intend to blog about you ask? This is will be somewhere I can write about weddings and things surrounding the Industry I work in. However I want to make it more about the things I enjoy within my work and my love of cameras and tech so if your looking for some advice on what shoes to buy, sorry but your in the wrong place!


Let's talk about my main piece of equipment, of course my camera. I have been working in the wedding industry for over six years as a photography/videographer but primarily as a photographer as this is where my passion lies. I shoot with canon and have done ever since I left university. Once a photographer gets comfortable with a particular camera brand, its not often they will change over to one of their competitors. The amount of money you invest in lines and flash guns makes it very expensive to just change to another manufacturer. My camera is now in need of an upgrade and for the last six months I have noticed a lot of my fellow photographer friends doing the once thought unthinkable, changing to another brand! Sony what have you done. Sonys release of their A7 III has had photographer changing everywhere. Whether your a Nikon, Canon or Fuji user, Sony now seems the way to go, with its super fast eye focus and cheaper mirrorless camera body being just a couple of the reasons to change, not even to mention the quality of their glass (lenes). So Dan, why haven't you changed to Sony yet? Simple, the rumours of Canon releasing a mirrorless camera body had been rumoured for a couple of years now. If your into your cameras you'll probably already know that they have released the EOS R last year Unfortunately this wasn't the release we were all hoping for. However for me it was a insight into what could be coming. So me being the patient, loyal Canon fan I am, I waited. and a year later what did we get, two amazing camera bodies available to purchase now and the end of August! yes I'm talking about the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6






Image: vb666


Finally something to compete against the mighty Sony A7. So what the difference between these two cameras? Well the biggest difference that people are probably going to notice first is the price. The R5 comes in at a staggering £4199 which is a lot of dough but the R6 comes in at a respectful £2499 and way I say respectful I really do mean that. the R6 has a lot of great features and one that makes this camera pretty amazing is that it uses the same sensor as Canons flagship camera the 1DX III. Thats a £6499 camera by the way, and the R6 uses the same sensor! Thats great news for wedding photographers like me. So it sounds like I'm pretty sold on the R6 right... well lets throw a spanner in the works. the R5 shots 8K video internally. Thats means you can take it straight out the box and providing you have the right CFexpress Type B memory card which aren't cheap by any means, and start shooting. But I'm sure if you're shooting in 8K, you have a great reason which probably means you're not worried about the figures anyway. and the R5 has a beautiful 45 megapixels to the R6's 20 megapixels. So this changes things right? actually all this does for me is clarify that the R6 is actually the camera for me and definitely the camera I will be buying in the near future. Let me tell you why. 8K is great but I personally will never use it. The R6 shoots on 4K and that is enough for me and my clients right now. The R5's 45 megapixels sensor sounds great and seeing it first hand shooting on my friends R5 I can confirm its looks great too. But that's only going to be a 45 megapixels shot if you use the R5 at its full file size shooting in raw. This means a lot more backing up time after weddings, staying up later trying to make sure your clients wedding is safely backed up on your Mac. The R6 in theory will be half the time backing up although that's not the biggest issue to me. The smaller 20 megapixel R6 will have a much, much better outcome when it comes to shooting in the dark, which believe it or not, happens at every wedding! These are just a few of my views and reasons as to why Ill be getting the R6 instead of the R5.


Anyway that little article was just a little taste of what you can expect in the future. I was going to write about Corona Virus and the effects its had on me personally and my business, however I feel like everyone has had enough of that at the moment so I think ill give that miss for the time being and perhaps if I need to rant and let of some steam ill come back to that in the future! For now, I wish you all well and will see you soon.

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